Dr. Clement Knight was a formidable Oncologist/Hematologist in the Howard County General Hospital/Johns Hopkins family. His care, kindness and dedication extended to not only his patients who adored him, but to all who interacted with him. Also known as the ‘Gentle Giant’ with a big laugh, he gave patients not just the care they needed but indefatigable support, encouragement, and hope. His untimely passing on August 9, 2012 left all who knew and loved him, especially his family, friends and patients bereft and despondent.



This Foundation is formed in recognition of the love of duty that Dr. Knight espoused in dealing with all who knew him. The work of the Foundation will harness the positive energy and generosity of a man who embodied the essence of what being a good physician is all about. The mission of the Foundation for cancer relief will be as follows:


1) To teach early cancer prevention tactics to the youth, especially in middle schools about not smoking.

2) To instruct people about the importance of early detection screening for breast, colon and testicular cancer

3) To develop community outreach programs, especially in Africa to enable access to basic prevention tools that can reduce cancers from infectious diseases, for example, HPV, EBV and schitosomiasis.

4) To help fund and support research of common cancers, such as bladder cancer that is caused by the parasitic bloodfluke, Schistosoma hematobium

5) To support research into co-infections of Schistosomes, HPV and HIV exacerbating cancer, especially in female patients.

6) To work with other organizations in USA, and Africa with common interest for cancer relief to treat patients who cannot afford treatment.

7) To work with the cancer center in Ghana, the Sweden Ghana Medical Center (SGMC) in capacity building that will help to improve technology for detecting and treating cancer in their facility.

The above mission seeks to preserve the legacy of Dr. Knight in the same spirit that he served the community to bring love, encouragement and hope to those suffering from cancer.